Assessment and Evaluation
Treatment Planning Assessment and Evaluation
Individual Counseling

Developmental Assessments, Parenting Assessments, and Bonding Assessments -

These reports may be needed as a result of a request from your job, or school, your medical doctor or at your own request. The assessment is a formal evaluation involving interviews, screening and testing. We determine specific treatment options, detailed strategies and appropriate resources. We really get to know you and we use well-researched assessment instruments so that our reports are valid and reliable. We also provide reports for specific areas like ADD/ADHD Testing, Developmental Assessments, Parenting Assessments, Bonding Assessments, and Sibling Assessments. Your therapist will review the results and recommendations in detail with you and clarify any questions you have so that all your questions are addressed.
Home Studies
Grief Counseling
We can provide an in-depth study of your family in anticipation of an adoption or change in custody. Choices! compiles this information into a comprehensive report complete with custody/placement recommendations together with a transition plan.
Bio-Psycho-Social Assessments
Couples Counseling
We evaluate your mental, physical, and emotional health. Your perception of self and your ability to function within the community is assessed. The Bio-Psycho-Social assessment paints a comprehensive picture that identifies the real issues and develops relevant treatment solutions. This assessment is the beginning point for treatment at Choices! A report may be generated as required.
Personality Testing
Therapeutically Supervised Visitation
Do you want a better understanding of your behavior, thoughts, and feelings? We offer personality assessments to help you gain insight into the defense mechanisms that you have developed due to personality characteristics. Treatment will create positive change regarding your behavior, thoughts, and feelings and will adjust your current defense system replacing them with healthier coping skills.
Psychological Assessment
Therapeutically Supervised Visitation
We administer tests to gain insight into possible diagnoses. At Choices! you will have an in-depth evaluation that incorporates an interview, observation, and testing data into a comprehensive description of you and your symptoms. The report will provide an accurate diagnosis, an in-depth treatment guide and treatment recommendations.
Psycho-Sexual Assessment
Co-Parenting Counseling
This evaluation focuses on an individual’s sexual development, history, interests, risk level, and victimization. It also includes a full social, familial and employment/school history and formal testing. This information is compiled to generate specific treatment recommendations to guide a successful recovery. Our evaluators are trained experts who can participate in case planning meetings, court proceedings, and communicate with the appropriate legal authorities involved in the case.