Educational Programming for Schools
Individual Counseling
Outcomes are the starting point for programming development and the criteria for program evaluation. The program includes an innovative means of educating, interactive ways of engaging the student, effective presentation of the subject matter, meeting the needs of the school, the class and the specific student population.
Smoking Cessation Classes
Therapeutically Supervised Visitation
Ending tobacco use is difficult and may take several attempts before complete cessation occurs. Successful smoking cessation begins with an understanding of tobacco addiction, reasons tobacco is used, and usage patterns. You are encouraged to develop a stop date and a plan leading to the stop date. This plan includes replacement activities to ease tobacco from one’s life.
Anger Management
Family Counseling
We conduct individual sessions that are focused and specific to your temperament and issues. We work to reframe your reaction to events and views about the world. We help you to take the steps necessary to change focus and observe different criteria when interpreting your day to day interactions and reflections. This is also a collaborative effort and includes taking time to address your specific issues that trigger anger so that there are new solutions to consider.
Drug and Alcohol Education
Couples Counseling
Choices! Counseling Services offers a personalized approach to Drug and Alcohol Education designed to meet you or your child’s unique needs. Teaching topics and concepts are based on the most recent research on substances, their impact on the brain, and its’ infiltration into all aspects of life. Upon completion of the required hours of education, a certificate or statement of completion is issued.
Parent Education
Co-Parenting Counseling
You will participate in our program which combines curriculum and therapy designed to meet the individual needs of your child. You will identify your family philosophy, create a discipline plan, and focus on child development As a result, you will understand the evolution of the parenting relationship and your parenting skills.