Comprehensive Assessments and Treatment Plans

We use the highest standards for assessments and in determining the best treatment options for you based on your results. Our discussions with you and with the information you provide regarding your history of usage and behavior will yield a comprehensive assessment. You can be confident that we use the tools, skills and expertise to focus on you to create a personalized, optimum treatment plan. The plan will be tailored for you, where you are, and with your input.

Evidence Based Treatment Using Trained Therapists

Our treatment program is Evidence Based and a best practice as recommended by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Our therapists receive training that is comprehensive and utilizes current research. Our therapists have the knowledge, competency, multiple skills and integrate these skill sets to best serve you.

Treatment that is personal and relevant to YOU!

Our work is effective because we work with you on your problems, your issues, your triumphs and your strengths! We help you take ownership of your goals and encourage you to set the pace toward managing your recovery.

Experts in Trauma providing effective and efficient treatment of that Trauma

Everyone has different levels of trauma and you are no exception. The depth of your trauma increases the longer you are addicted. We have long known about the phenomena of trauma from listening to our past clients and learning from their stories. Trauma is a trigger to relapse and we get ahead of it before it becomes a roadblock in your recovery.

We bring our own personal training from using the work of an international pioneer in the field and our Intensive Outpatient program is certified by the State of Indiana.

Choices has created protocols, curriculum and procedures to maintain fidelity to all our programs.

Our program works!

We have an amazing success rate and our clients go on to a more fulfilling life and are able to handle the ups and downs that come at us. Recovery is tough enough. Come to a place where you will be treated as an individual, respectful of you as a person and where you will be challenged along the way. At the same time you will be encouraged in all that you do toward your recovery! We will work with you and your family to make changes that are functional and life affirming!

Additionally, Choices offers treatment for teens

We hold separate classes for teens. We offer multiple levels of treatment options for teens from those in early use to those who are considered clinically addicted to alcohol, drugs, and/or prescription medication and almost to the point of residential treatment. Our program works with the teen, the entire family and very closely with the parents. This program also includes random drug testing. We are an affordable treatment option for parents.

Choices offers treatment for adults of all ages.

We will work with you to find a convenient treatment plan that can fit your work schedule. The process in becoming a client is easy and we will work with you every step of the way.

  1. Call and ask to speak to the Scheduler to make an appointment for your assessment or your child’s assessment. We will gather your insurance information and you will receive a call back from our Insurance specialist with your treatment fees so that you are in the know before you come in for your assessment.
  2. Your therapist will develop the correct treatment plan for you at your first appointment. Over time, we will continue to modify your plan as necessary. This is your blueprint and your new start in life.
  3. Start changing your world and your future! That’s it!