Business Services
EAP-Employee Assistance Counseling
Individual Counseling
We excel in short term therapy because we concentrate on the specific issues that brings a client to our office. Our counseling approach leads to significant positive outcomes for our clients and your employees. In addition, we offer a unique method for costing this program that is a financial win for both the business and the employee.
Visionary Planning
Therapeutically Supervised Visitation
Get the common sense no fluff vision for your company! We roll out the process, guide your team in choosing a vision that fits your desired outcomes, set the pace for that vision followed by action and build a formidable team.
Business Workshops
Family Counseling
Our experts offer a variety of workshops on topics such as sexual harassment, workplace diversity, team building and wellness. Our business team also excels in program planning, facilitation, mediation, training and focus groups.
Group Facilitation Services
Couples Counseling
We use the core competencies of facilitation to sustain collaborative relationships, choose the appropriate process in pursuit of successful outcomes and create a positive group environment.
Business Coaching and Employee Counseling
Co-Parenting Counseling
Let us make it easier for your company to focus on its operations! We provide discrete and confidential interpersonal resolution services for business executives and key personnel thereby renewing energy in the business. We help you in the art of changing the corporate culture to increase your employees’ level of commitment to the company.