Specialized Treatment Services
Family Counseling
Trauma comes in many different forms, it has varying depths of emotional pain associated with the event as well as emotional reactions that linger consciously and subconsciously. At Choices!, treatment of trauma is not limited to the telling of your story, but to gaining insight into the negative self messages and beliefs related to the traumatic incident(s). We explore these messages and beliefs so you may gain insight as to whether these are rational/irrational, truth/lies, relevant/not relevant, and/or uplifting/depressing. Choices! has expertise in trauma and we use the most current evidence based practices and treatment techniques. There is not a “one size fits all” and we tailor our treatment around your individual and unique nature.
Couples Counseling
Choices! uses this evidence-based therapeutic treatment that takes away intense emotion from past negative experiences and stops the repetitive reliving of that experience. After successful treatment with EMDR, emotional distress is relieved, negative beliefs are reformulated, and physiological pain is reduced. EMDR has been widely researched and is used for those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Therapeutically Supervised Visitation
We use the latest in treatment approaches to improve your coping skills, and help you gain insight into the root cause of your anxiety. You will be taught relaxation and meditative skills and encouraged to make lifestyle changes that include stress reduction and physical exercise. Treatment of anxiety requires a multifaceted approach with communication between psychiatrists and physicians to aid in medication management. Your therapist works in collaboration with these treatment providers to best offer full therapeutic services.
Sexual Assault / Forensic Interviewing
Individual Counseling
Our child abuse professionals are trained in the complex art of interviewing children about abuse using research-based free recall techniques aimed at eliciting narratives and defending that interview in court.
Co-Parenting Counseling
Our therapists use first and second line treatment protocols as recommended by The American Psychiatric Association as "best practices". A Choices! therapist will identify and examine your depressive symptoms and situation. We listen to your story to determine the many possible causes for your depression. These could include biology, age, gender, health conditions, stressful events and major life changes. Choices! works with you, your issues and finds solutions to treat the depression.
Grief Counseling
You are a unique individual and we emphasize that in our work with you. Therefore, we work with the whole person and explore your physical, emotional, spiritual, vocational, social and psychological wellness.